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Our Top 10 Promotional Products of the Year

These were the Top 10 promotional products at ASAP Graphics for 2019. Many of them have actual stories/examples of how they have worked and produced results for those who have used them.

1. Recycleable Grocery Bag
A top seller for eight years in a row. Many people say they are like having a “mobile billboard.” An agent gave some to her client. The client was checking out at the cash register and as the bagger was bagging the groceries the cashier noticed the name on the bag and asked “Is this a good agent? Mine retired.” She was told “Yes” and wrote the phone number down ... called the agent ... and bought a house!

2. SmashLights
This has been both the best selling and most re-ordered item in the history of our company. An agent gave one to her client who happened to be a member of a Neighborhood Watch association. She showed it to the president of the association who called the agent and asked “Can we buy 2,000 flashlights from you?” She said “Yes” and ordered 2,000 ... with her name on it! Talk about free advertising!

3. COVID19 products
Assorted items including face masks, sanitizers, booties, kids coloring books and more.

4. Rollerball Gel Ink Pen
Our best selling pen for sixteen years in a row. Why? Read these true testimonials.

5. Can Coolers (Koozies®)
A top promotional product year in and year out. They not only keep your cold drinks cold but also your warm drinks warm. And with a free 2-sided imprint, other people will see your name besides the person you gave it to.

6. RFID Blocker Sleeve
Use in place of a business card. Protect your credit card information from being stolen. And they are now available in a full color imprint.

7. Insulated Recycleable Grocery Bag
16"x 12"x10". Exterior is made from recyclable polypropylene. They have the look, feel, strength, and quality of cloth. Tear resistant and water repellent. The interior is insulated poly-fiber and thermal film. It has a zipper top and sturdy handles with an interior bottle holder and bottom insert. It keeps food hot or cold for hours. And the exterior has a handy side pocket for quick access items.

8. Grip Pen
A comfortable color gripper. Modern clip design. Chrome-plated plunger and section. 1.2mm black ink ballpoint for bold lines. Bic ball-point pen with over 1.2 miles of writing ink. Made in the USA and backed by the BIC guarantee.

9. EZ Gripper Jar Opener
People use jar openers all year ’round. One of our creative customers buys two thousand a year. She not only gives them to her clients but also gives them by the handful to restaurants and other places that cook. She swears by the results. And they are now available in a full color imprint.

10. Monthly Home Maintenance Schedule Magnet
Won the award for REALTOR® Magnet of the Year. An agent took some to a local home improvement store and asked the manager if she could leave some at the Customer Service desk and cash registers. The manager said “Why would I let you do that? It doesn't have our name on it.” The agent told him “I'm not your competition and if people fix-up their houses they'll come here for the supplies.” He let her do it and she got 8 listingings and 3 buyers. Now THAT'S results!

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