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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What about my logo?
A.  We have most of the national, corporate logos. We include those at no charge. If we do not have your logo you can send it to us in an acceptable, vector, EPS format, then again, there is no charge.

Q.  Can I send my logo as a .JPEG, .TIFF, .GIFF or my business card?
A.  No,it must be in an acceptable format.

Q.  Why not? What does "acceptable format" mean?
A.  We do not want to get too technical so in layman's terms, those formats are OK for print ad but not promotional products. Vector, .EPS is the only format that works and it must be created as such - not simply "Saved As." If you do not have such a format, we can re-create your logo for a one time charge of $49.00.

Q.  Can you put my photo on a product?
A.  Yes and no. There are some products where the imprint area might be too small. Sometimes the texture of the product will not allow for a photograph to print clearly. And if you are doing a single, color imprint, you would not want your photo. Other than that, yes, we can insert your photo.

Q.  How do you get my photo and is there an "acceptable format" for that also?
A.  There is no "acceptable format" needed, but it does have to be of good resolution. Most of the time we can take your photo right off your web site. However, there are times where the resolution is not high enough. It may look fine to the eye on the web site but the Internet does not need a high resolution to look good. If your photo is not on the Internet or if the resolution is poor, then you can either E-mail us a good quality digital photo or send us your photo in the mail. In the end, however, there is no charge to use your photo.

Q.  Do you provide proofs?
A.  We have a liberal but limited No Proof Charge policy. Upon request, up to 5 proofs will be provided at no charge. After that, we charge the industry average of $25.00 per proof. No artwork will be done or proofs provided until the order has been paid for. If for any reason you “Change your mind” after this process has started, you will be billed at a rate of $60.00 per hour for the time.

Q.  Can I send you my design layout? Why do you want my ad-copy done by phone?
A.  Unfortunately, 99.99% of the customers are not graphic-artists. Your ad-copy is not as simple as you might think. There are "imprint areas", size and material considerations, etc. We verbally discuss, suggest, and confirm your ad-copy over the phone.

Q.  What is your refund policy?
A.  If there are any mistakes in printing, we replace the order at no cost. If the printing is correct, then there are no refunds since it is a custom imprinted product. There are no refunds on sale items.

Q.  Why can't I order online?
A.  99% of our products are custom imprinted/branded, therefore, a conversation is neccessary to make sure the artwork is accurate and will fit.

Q.  What forms of payment do you take?
A.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and check debit cards. Under certain circumstances we will take a check or money order, but no work will begin until the check has cleared your bank.

If you have any other questions please feel free to call us at 1.800.863.8473, or email us at Sales@ASAPpromotional.com. Thank you.
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